What Are the Goals of Protective Packaging?

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Protective packaging has become more and more popular over the years due to the growing demand for shipping, both around the United States and internationally.  Protective packaging is used to prevent products from being damaged in shipping and long-term storage.  For those of you that have never used it, this article explores why it’s important to use protective packaging.


It’s Used to Meet Military Requirements 

The military has a lot of regulations that must be followed, and this also goes for it’s packaging and shipping.  The reason why is that there are many sensitive products that are shipped all around the world to help the military survive and complete their job successfully.  At Edco Supply Corporation, our customer service representatives are trained to help you meet all of your military requirements. 


Saves Your Company Money

There are many risks that come with shipping sensitive items through the mail.  The problem with this is that when products arrive in bad condition, the company that shipped it is responsible for paying for those mistakes.  That’s why you can save money by using protective packaging to protect your packages against potential threats, such as water damage, electrostatic discharge, and corrosion.


Keep Consumers Safe

This is especially important with food products.  For instance, if a product is exposed to moisture, there’s a good chance that mold will form, which can cause the consumer to become ill.


Gives You a Better Reputation

Aside from losing money on damaged items, if your customers are constantly receiving damaged products, it could cause them to lose confidence in your company.  With protective packaging, you can help your customers feel like their products are being taken care of.


At Edco, we’re experts in protective packaging, meaning we can help you meet your military requirements, or simply help you choose which packaging will help you protect your sensitive products.

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