What Are Static-Shielding Bags?

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At Edco, we have a large line of protective packaging products.  Since different products face different threats, our products are ready to face the numerous threats that could arise.  Among our products, we have anti-static bags and static-shielding bags.  Although many people think this is the same thing, they do have differences.  In this article, we’re going to discuss static-shielding bags, and why they’re important.


What are static-shielding bags?

To better understand how they work, we need to understand what they are.  Static-shielding bags are used for the shipping and storage of static-sensitive electronics.  The reason why this is important is that the discharge can damage the device, even causing it not to work properly.  For this reason, these bags guard your electronic devices by eliminating static build-up created by the rubbing of surfaces.  It also has static dissipative coating which removes and prevents this build up as well. By also creating a Faraday cage effect, the electronic discharge is distributed among the surface of the bag, rather than entering the bag and reaching the device.


Static-shielding bags can be used for a wide range of products, including: memory cards, semiconductors, circuit boards, disk drivers, resistors, processors, and more.


The advantage of these bags is that they offer more protection than anti-static bags.  This is because they not only protect against the exposure to static electricity, but they also prevent ESD from penetrating through the bags and reaching the device.  In addition, these bags also protect against moisture due to their multi-layer construction.


The only real disadvantage of these bags is that they have to be sealed shut in order to work.  This means that you have to be cautious of this before you ship them, and also be careful about placing sharp items inside that could break the bags.


Now that we know what static-shielding bags are, read our next article, What Are Anti-Static Bags?, to learn more about anti-static bags.

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