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Frequently Asked Questions About Protective Packaging

If you aren’t storing your products, goods, and materials with the right protective packaging, you are putting your business at risk of losing a lot of money. There are a variety of different damage risks that you should try to avoid whenever you are dealing with physical materials. EDCO Supply Corporation has exactly what you [...]

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4 Great Reasons to Invest in Military Tape

If you are looking for protective packaging tools that are reliable, affordable, and made from high-quality materials, look no further than EDCO Supply Corporation. One of our most versatile products is military tape, which can be used in many different ways. You can always rely on our military tape to protect your products, package things [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About VCI Paper

Trying to keep certain materials safe from harm is a big priority for a lot of business owners. This is especially true if your business deals with metals and materials that are susceptible to corrosive damage. Corrosion can eat away at your products and materials and lead to huge expenses if you don’t find the [...]

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More Great Reasons to Purchase Protective Packaging from EDCO

Finding the right ways to safeguard and store your physical goods and materials can be a challenge if you aren’t familiar with protective packaging. The truth is that there are a ton of different packaging options out there to choose from. You simply can’t risk your business reputation and damaged goods by purchasing packaging that [...]

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Avoiding Food Spoilage with Protective Packaging

If you are a business that deals with food products, there is a good chance that you are constantly trying to figure out new ways to keep your products fresh. Spoilage is a real possibility for businesses that deal with products like snack foods, spices, nuts and berries, sauces, and coffees and teas. You always [...]

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Protective Packaging Options for Military Contracts

Getting a contract with the US military is a great opportunity for your business. They are one of the largest employers in the world and can be a great client for your company. If you are new to military contracts or have never had a contract with the US military before, it’s important to understand [...]

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How to Avoid Losing Money Due to Poor Packaging

As a business owner, it’s up to you to make the necessary decisions that allow your company to grow and keep your customers happy. If you are a product-based business that is sending your goods out to customers and clients all over the country, you need to find a way to make sure your products [...]

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Why Mil-Spec Packaging Is a Worthy Investment

If you own a business that requires the safe storage and transportation of physical products, you need to make sure you are purchasing the right protective packaging. Without the right packaging products, your goods can be damaged, cause safety issues, and lead to lost customers and revenue. Finding a great supplier of protective packaging products will [...]

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How EDCO Can Help You Choose the Right Protective Packaging

All it takes is losing out on revenue due to damaged products for a business owner to realize they need to take protective packaging seriously. Choosing the right protective packaging as a business owner is absolutely essential if you deal with physical products. If you are shipping out your goods and products across the nation, it’s [...]

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Why Use Anti-Static Bags?

There are lots of different options if you are looking for protective packaging, which is why it always pays to think about what specific type of damage you are looking to prevent before making a purchase. For example, if you are looking for protective packaging that prevents products from receiving damage from static electricity, you should [...]

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