Industrial Uses for Desiccant Bags

Desiccant bags are used in a wide variety of industries to ensure that the quality standards of their particular products and applications are met. Their use is common among several industries in order to prevent moisture in the package or leaking on it. Some of the most popular industries using these are food, shipping and [...]

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Taking the Best Care of a Product with Moisture Barrier Bags

One of the factors that has the biggest effect in the quality of a product is how it is stored from its manufacture to when the consumer gets it. Moisture barrier bags keep certain products away from moisture, ensuring a high quality standard. Using the right moisture barrier bag for a specific product will guarantee [...]

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The Importance of Protective Packaging

When ordering a product to be shipped, there is more to it than only its quality. There are many factors affecting the final delivery, but the protective packaging is what ensures that a product remains as intact as new upon delivery. Not having an adequate protective packaging may have severe consequences on the shape and [...]

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The Science That Makes VCI Paper So Important

Anyone who works in an industry that involves the ordering of metal parts can understand the vulnerability that metals have to corrosion. Rust is the nemesis of the health and longevity of metal parts. The owners of metal parts hold the responsibility of preventing corrosion from occurring. When it comes to the transportation of metal [...]

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Bentonite Clay Versus Silica Gel In Desiccant Bags

Desiccant bags come in two forms. There are bags of bentonite clay and there are bags of silica gel. As experts in mil spec packaging, we’ve decided to generate a detailed explanation of what distinguishes the two and which would be best for you and your company. Bentonite Clay Clay desiccant is a substance that [...]

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The Vitality Of Desiccant Bags For Packaging

The use of desiccant bags is crucial for the safe and secure transportation of goods for multiple industries. Most notably, the industries of medicine and food, which transport items that rely heavily on the preservation of dryness at all times, could not operate with the proficiency that they do today without the use of desiccant [...]

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Edco Lowers Prices on Commercial Poly Bags

Edco is pleased to announce that we have lowered the prices on all commercial 4 mil poly bags. Edco uses the highest quality polyethylene in the manufacturing of these bags. Over 50 sizes are available in stock. Larger sizes can be ordered in quantities in as little as 100 bags. Need a custom size? [...]

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How The Largest Employer In The World Makes Mil Spec Packaging Essential

If you had to guess, what would you say is the single biggest employer on the planet? As it turns out Wal-Mart is only third place. If you guessed the United States military, you guessed right. What that means is that the U.S. military is responsible for some of the biggest shipments and distribution of [...]

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The Science Behind Water Damage

Moisture Barrier Bags Imagine you are responsible for the shipment of the latest model of iPhone to a series of cell phone stores across the state. It’s hurricane season, which means that even if your state is nowhere near an actual hurricane, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter some heavy rains at least. Moisture is [...]

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Why Businesses Use Edco’s Static Shielding Bags and Moisture Barrier Bags

For any industry that manufactures and distributes any kind of tangible, material product, Edco Supply Corporation can help make your company run smoother. Our mil spec packaging exceeds industry standards, ensuring that whatever your company needs to transport, we have just the kind of packaging to do it. Here is a brief description of two [...]

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