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Choosing the right packaging materials to protect your products during the shipping process is a crucial business decision. You need to ensure the packaging cushions the item and safeguards it against potential damage. 

Edco Supply Corporation offers premier protective packaging solutions you can count on when shipping your valuable items. Trust our more than 60 years of industry experience to provide the right product for your needs. Our most popular mil-spec packaging and protective packaging options include:

What Is Protective Packaging?

Protective packaging products can take many forms, but they serve one primary purpose — to prevent damage to mailed items during transport. Depending on the object, it can serve as a primary or secondary packaging component.  

Our protective packaging solutions include an assortment of bags, sheeting and tubing products featuring high-quality barrier materials that prevent damage caused by moisture, corrosion and debris. We offer packaging formats such as:

At Edco Supply Corporation, our high-quality, military-grade product protection packaging solutions keep us one step ahead of our competitors. Our superior materials offer enhanced security when shipping items, and we thoroughly inspect every order before delivering it to our customers, enabling you to buy from us with complete confidence that you’re meeting the best packaging standards. Thanks to our extensive inventory, you’re sure to find the right product for your shipping needs. 

Our products provide reliable protection against:

  • Structural damage
  • Vibration damage
  • Shock damage
  • Rust and Corrosion

Our Protective Packaging Product Options

Our high-quality packaging options include protective material rolls, bags and tubing with various barrier compositions in addition to specialty products:

  • Desiccant packetsThese products offer a reliable solution against humidity. They feature excellent moisture-absorbing properties to protect against corrosion. Use them when shipping items like semiconductors, electronics and food containers.
  • Anti-static/static shielding productsConsider these items when you need protection against static electricity or electrical shock damage. Choose from static shielding and static shielding moisture barrier bags in standard and custom sizes.
  • Humidity indicator cardsUse these cards to verify the performance of your desiccant packs by placing them inside the shipment. They include moisture-sensitive spots that turn from blue to pink when detecting the presence of moisture. 
  • VCI bags, paper and filmVapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) materials include engineered chemicals that provide excellent corrosion prevention on protected metal objects. These chemicals volatize and create a molecular layer that combats damage from dirt, oxygen and other potentially destructive materials. Our VCI products come in polyethylene or Kraft paper bases. 
  • Packaging labelsWe offer labels to affix to your packages and convey various messages and essential information. Use them to identify package contents or provide warnings to indicate that the item is fragile or a sensitive electronic device.
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Contact Our Protective Packaging Corporation to Learn More

Edco Supply Corporation has been helping businesses like yours resolve their packaging issues since 1954. We can provide protective sheeting, tubing and bags as well as custom packaging products to protect items of any size or shape. We’ll collaborate with you to create a design that meets your company’s unique needs. 

Protect your packages from structural, vibration and shock damage and buy peace of mind that their contents are safe. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our team. You can reach our customer service representatives by giving us a call or reaching out to our team today. 

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