Commercial Moisture Barrier Packaging

Businesses that ship valuable products long distances in varying climates require effective packaging solutions to prevent damage or total product loss. Moisture barrier bags are one of the most practical options for protecting products against potential harm caused by water, condensation, humidity, oxygen, grease and other contaminants. These bags offer a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to rigid packaging designs.

At Edco Supply Corporation, we understand the importance of superior packaging protection. Our professionals have decades of combined experience developing the most effective packaging solutions to meet your needs while ensuring you have the correct information for military contracts.

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  • Commercial Moisture Barrier Packaging

    Edco is a leading converter and distributor of commercial flexible packaging

    • Pressure-Sensitive Bar Code Labeled Bags

    At Edco we can:

    • Provide you with immediate access to one of the largest flexible packaging inventories in the US
    • Make available a wide variety of materials that can meet numerous packaging applications
    • Moisture barrier bags can be open ended or have a reclosable zipper
    • Offer very competitive pricing due to our extensive buying power
    • Leverage our high standards required by the military for your commercial needs
    • Meet your tough deadlines, as we have done consistently for over 58 years
    • Accommodate a variety of projects from extremely short runs to complex high volume projects
    • Supply roll material and manufactured bags to meet all of your protective packaging needs
    • Print up to 8 colors according to your varied requirements