What Are Anti-Static Bags?

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In our last article, What Are Static Shielding Bags?, we discussed what static shielding bags are and what they’re used for.  Since many people get static shielding bags and anti-static bags confused, now we are going to talk about what anti-static bags are and how they’re different from static-shielding bags.


What are anti-static bags?

Similar to static-shielding bags, anti-static bags protect electronic devices from static electricity.  This is important because certain types of electric charge buildup are so powerful that they can even cause an explosion.  That’s why anti-static bags are made from polyethylene and special additives in order to enable static charges to be broken down.


Just like static-shielding bags, anti-static bags are used for shipping and storing ESD-sensitive items.  In addition, they are also used for non-static sensitive items when they are transported to a static-sensitive environment.


The benefits of these bags is that they are a low-cost method and they’re also puncture-resistant.  The disadvantage is that they do not protect against ESD, but rather dissipate the charge quickly.  They also do not provide protection against moisture, unlike static-shielding bags.


Are Anti-Static Bags or Static-Shielding Bags Better?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it depends on the reason that you need them.  As mentioned, the biggest difference is that anti-static bags just put out the charge quickly, rather than protect against ESD.  That being said, if you have a very sensitive device, it may be better protected with static-shielding bags.


At Edco Supply Corporation, we are experts in anti-static bags and static-shielding bags.  If you’re unsure which protective packaging will better protect your products, contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.

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