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The US Military actually had to revolutionize the field of standardized shipping, in order for each supply chain node to be able to work using the same specs and dimensions. Mil spec packaging plays an extremely important role and thanks to it nowadays special containers can be moved around the entire world with much ease without actually having to be opened. Thanks to the US Military taking this important step of standardization, today a wide range of businesses from different fields follow the pattern. Thanks to military shipping standards the shipping industry on a global level works flawlessly and smoothly.

US Military shipments are considered highly valuable, and sometimes dangerous. Mil spec packaging is responsible for safely transporting fragile and dangerous items such as weapons for example. It is impossible to package and transport such types of items in universal or ordinary type of packaging. It is extremely important to mention that you must adhere to mil spec packaging rules each time you will want to fulfill a service type of contract with the government. Mil spec packaging actually covers the following types of packaging: barrier tubes & bags, humidity indicators and desiccant materials, sealable bags, pallets, wooden crates, cushioning and labeling.

Those who need to deliver government contracts must work with a company/provider that fully complies with the regulations of the mil spec packaging field. The respective provider also has to offer the guarantee that he meets all these high packaging standards. Always do your research before deciding to purchase such standardized packaging items. Work only with highly reputable providers who have a vast expertise in the field. In order to comply with government regulations when doing business it is imperative to understand how exactly you should quote for this type of packaging.

Edco Supply Corporation is the largest manufacturer of such mil spec packaging items in the US. They have a vast range of custom made bags using different materials such as : ESD, Mylar, Film Foil or Poly Kraft. The company also offers custom tailored blankets, bags and shrouds based on the customer’s requirements regarding dimensions.

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