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Since 1954, Edco Supply Corporation has been an industry leader in providing military spec packaging and other innovative solutions. Our team prides itself on extensive product knowledge and the ability to serve each client’s unique needs. We maintain the highest commitment to quality and meet various industry standards across a broad application range.

We’re pleased to offer a comprehensive library of downloadable resources for all the packaging material product types we offer, including guides, brochures and protective packaging whitepapers. Feel free to explore these resources and find the information you need that applies to your specific packaging application.

Downloads for Protective Packaging Materials We Offer at Edco

Protective packaging whitepapers and guides are among the most valuable tools for clients in industries with strict packaging requirements, including products with military specifications, electronics and other items requiring moisture barriers. Edco’s resource library helps clients better understand some of the most challenging packaging issues and types of packaging material ideal for solving them. Our resource downloads provide the most up-to-date information on all our products.

Many of these packaging brochures include crucial product specs, including properties like yield, puncture resistance and tensile strength. Easy-to-use sortable tools allow you to locate the necessary information using parameters like keywords and product categories.

Keep Up to Date With Us

At Edco, we supply one of the industry’s most extensive selections of specialized protective packaging materials, from moisture barrier bags and folding cartons to military-grade tapes and labels. Explore our products today to find the ideal solutions for your application’s needs. Contact us online with questions or to obtain additional information.

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