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Edco Supply Corporation is a leading supplier of military specification materials. We’ve earned our place in the industry due to our commitment to product quality and customer education. With our team, you know you’re receiving the highest quality mil-spec materials on the market.

Who We Are

Edco Supply Corporation is a family-owned and operated business that’s been in the industry since 1954. For more than half a century, we’ve gained experience in military specification packaging, and we’ve since become a leading converter and supplier. 

With our decades of experience, we’ve diversified our inventory to include a wide range of mil-spec materials, including anti-static, desiccants, folding cartons, indicator cards and many other products. We still operate out of our original location in Brooklyn, NY, and we run facilities in Dayton, OH, and Quebec, Canada, to deliver products throughout Canada and the United States.

Our commitment to high-quality products begins with a thorough inspection of every product before shipment. Once you receive your mil-spec materials, you’ll also find a certificate of compliance to show that our products will help you align with the Department of Defense (DoD) standards.

World-Class Team of Experts

Edco consists of a dedicated team of experienced professionals that enables us to deliver our well-made products. Our staff members average at 10 years of experience per employee, while many of our team members have anywhere between 20 and 30 years of experience. With an extensive understanding of the industry, we’re able to develop products effectively and meet your needs.

Our attentive customer service representatives (CSRs) are well-versed in every product to offer support for your purchase before and after delivery. If you’re not sure what types of mil-spec materials you need, our CSRs can explain every option and help you align with the appropriate codes. Our goal is to keep your items safe in transit and support your compliance every step of the way. Whenever questions arise, we’re ready to help to the fullest extent.

Have Questions? Get in Touch Today

Edco provides well-made mil-spec packaging materials that are produced in the United States. When you buy directly from a manufacturer like us, you can expect fast lead times and turnarounds compared to other suppliers on the market. Whether you need packaging materials immediately or you’d like to stock up, we’re your long-term partner.

Browse our selection of industry-leading packaging solutions today, or contact us to learn more about our products for your compliance requirements. 

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