When to Protect Your Items Against Humidity

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When we think of water damage, we probably think of that time we accidentally dropped our phones in the pool, or spilled a glass of water on our laptops.  Although these things happen, that’s not the only way to get water damage.  Another way that items get ruined is by the humidity in the air, as it can have the same effects of being submerged in water.  For that reason, there are two important times that you have to be aware of the humidity: during shipping and in long-term storage.  In this article, we’ll discuss why they need to be protected during these two times, and how you can protect them.



Once a package leaves our hands, we have no idea what it’s going to go through during its journey.  Will it be handled well?  Will it experience humid environments?  Whether it gets rained on or just has to pass through a humid city, it could affect the package.  For that reason, you should take preventative measures to take care of your packages during shipping.


Long-Term Storage

Although shipping is usually the hardest part, you still have to consider storage.  This is because most businesses have inventory that won’t be sold immediately.  When it’s time to sell, the expectation is that the product is still in great condition.  When products sit in storage, however, they’re still exposed to environmental factors, even if they’re inside.  For instance, if you live in a humid state, then it can affect your items.


How to Protect Them

At Edco Supply Corporation, there are two products that we manufacture to protect against moisture: moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs.  Since these products protect against humidity, they also prevent rust, mold, and mildew.  For more information on our desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags for shipping and long-term storage, contact our experienced customer service representatives.

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