Protective Packaging That Should Be Used to Protect Electronics

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Every company sells different products; which products they sell will determine many things, such as how they run their business, what sales strategy they use, and even how they ship their products.  For instance, a company that sells books will be completely different than a company that sells machines.  Since every company is different, we want to specifically focus on companies that sell technology.

If you own a company that sells technology, then you know how important it is to handle your products well, as they’re sensitive and expensive.  That’s why there are two protective packaging products that we recommend for your industry:

  • Moisture Barrier Bags or Desiccant Packs – Both of these products are used to protect items from moisture, which is super important when it comes to technology.  Although both are effective options, which one you choose depends on your preference and your products.  If you have a small product, such as a phone, then you may be better off with moisture barrier bags.  If you have a big shipment of products that can’t fit in bags, then desiccant packs may be the better choice.
  • Anti-Static Bags – Anti-static bags are crucial when you ship electronics because they protect against ESD and electrostatic fields.  They work by creating a Faraday cage effect around the metalized layer, which then protects the items inside of the box.  If you don’t protect against ESD, then it can cause damage to the internal circuitry.

If you own a business that sells and ships electronics, then make sure to take precautions in order to keep your products safe.  If you want to know more about our anti-static bags, desiccant packs, or moisture barrier bags, give us a call at Edco Supply Corporation.

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