How to Prevent Mold on Uniforms

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The military has many regulations.  These regulations are important, as it helps everything stay in order, even in high-stress situations.  These rules can be seen in how soldiers talk, stand, in their protective packaging, and even in their uniforms.  When it comes to uniforms, each branch has different expectations and dress codes.  Whatever they are, however, it’s important that each person follows the codes strictly.  This is because when a person follows the dress code, it promotes good order and discipline.


As you can see, dress codes are very important in the military.  This is why each person works hard to keep their uniforms perfect.  There is one big threat that soldiers face with their uniforms, however, and that’s mold.  Mold is a type of fungus that thrives on moisture.  So, how does mold form on clothes?  Similar to how it grows in your home or other surfaces, it grows because of dampness and lack of ventilation.  This means that if a uniform is kept in a damp environment for extended periods of time, it could be at risk of attracting mold.  This can happen as fast as 24-48 hours.


If a soldier is unsure if their uniform has mold, there are 3 ways for them to check.  The first and most obvious way is the smell.  This is because moldy clothes have a strong, musty odor.  The second way to check for mold with their eyes; white and black mold on clothes show an obvious discoloration on clothes.  The last way to check is by the texture, which can feel fluffy or slimy to the touch.


The reason that soldiers have to be cautious of mold is because they are exposed to many different environments and missions.  For instance, they could be on a 2-week mission without a proper place to store their uniforms.  If the environment is rainy or humid, then they may notice mold on their clothes.


Although missions are inevitable, that doesn’t mean that mold can’t be prevented.  In fact, at Edco Supply Corporation, we manufacture and distribute desiccant packs for that exact reason.  Our desiccants absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals from the air.  This means that our desiccant packs can not only be used to protect clothes, but also food, electronics, metal, and much more.  For more information, contact us at Edco.

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