How Does ESD Affect Electronic Devices?

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When we handle electronic devices, what’s the first thing that we’re worried about exposing them to?  Most of us will answer “moisture.”  Although mixture poses a big threat to electronic devices, most people are ready to protect their devices from it.  They do so by being extra careful where they place their devices, not exposing them to humid environments, and using moisture barrier bags to keep them dry.  Although these are all great practices, many people don’t consider the other threats that these devices have.  More specifically, we’re referring to electrostatic discharge.


Electrostatic discharge is the flow of electricity between 2 electrically charged objects which can be caused by contact, an electrical short, or a dielectric breakdown.  The problem with this is that large static voltages can enter devices and cause damage to the internal circuitry.  It’s important to note that although every device can be affected by this, some devices are more sensitive to ESD than others.  For instance, devices that include Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology are the most sensitive to ESD.


Electronic discharge can affect devices in a number of different ways; although some could have instant failure, others may appear at a later time.  In addition, the level of static that’s built up changes according to the material involved, the humidity on that day, and even the size of the device.


Even though ESD affects every electronic device differently, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  You can do so by using anti-static bags.  These bags work by creating a Faraday cage effect around the device, therefore creating a metalized layer that shields the electronic device from ESD.


If you have electronic devices that you need to protect from ESD, make sure to use anti-static bags.  For more information about this product, contact us at Edco Supply Corporation.

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