The Purpose of Humidity Indicator Cards

When we think of protective packaging, we probably think of the products that protect our items from water, corrosion, static, and any other threat.  Although this is true, we also sell another product that won’t necessarily protect your items, but should also be included in your packaging.  We’re referring to humidity indicator cards.  These cards [...]

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5 Functions of Desiccant Packs

Moisture is everywhere; it’s hard to escape.  Although some of us love it, while the rest of us don’t, there is one thing that we can all agree on: moisture can have a negative affect on our things.  This is why desiccant packs are so important.  The purpose of desiccants are to absorb the moisture, odor, [...]

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3 Ways To Make Your Customers More Loyal

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities.  You’ve probably spent years creating the perfect product portfolio, working on your marketing strategy, and training your employees.  After all the hard work, your hope is to build your brand and have loyal customers that will help build your reputation as a business.  This is [...]

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Filament Tape at Edco

At Edco Supply Corporation, we have a large line of protective packaging.  The great thing about having so many products is that each product has a specific purpose.  For example, our anti-static bags shield electronic devices from electrostatic fields.  Another great product that we have is military tape; we are one of the largest distributors [...]

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Sending Care Packages to Loved Ones on Valentines Day

During this month, on February the 14th, a very important holiday occurs: Valentines Day.  There are many ways to celebrate this holiday.  Some people have a romantic dinner at home, others go to a restaurant or spend the weekend away, and the rest give presents to their loved ones.  Some of us are lucky enough [...]

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Tips For Keeping Your Clients Happy During Peak Season

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your clients happy.  By doing so, you’ll build your reputation, as well as have repeating customers.  You, as well as your employees, probably have a good idea of how to keep your customers happy throughout the year.  That being said, during the [...]

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How Does ESD Affect Electronic Devices?

When we handle electronic devices, what’s the first thing that we’re worried about exposing them to?  Most of us will answer “moisture.”  Although mixture poses a big threat to electronic devices, most people are ready to protect their devices from it.  They do so by being extra careful where they place their devices, not exposing [...]

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Sending A Care Package This Holiday Season

Many of us can’t wait for the holiday season to come.  This is because for many of us, this is the only time of the year that we are able to see our family.  Unfortunately, not all of us are able to go home for the holidays.  More specifically, we’re referring to the soldiers that [...]

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How Are Desiccant Packs Made?

At Edco Supply Corporation, we supply a wide range of mil-spec packaging, which includes desiccant packs.  Desiccant packs are one of our most popular products, as they can be used in almost every field.  In fact, any product that can be damaged by moisture can benefit from this type of protective packaging, including machinery, electronics, food, [...]

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How To Protect Your Metals From Corrosion

Metal is something that we see in our everyday lives, whether it’s hand tools, cans, bolts and screws, equipment attachments, or the many other items that we see everyday.  Since so many products are made with metal, it’s very possible that you’ve received or shipped a metal item at some point, whether for work or [...]

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