Common Product Shipping Mistakes

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Investing in protective packaging helps prevent product damage in transit. The best shipping materials protect goods from damage, ensuring your customers remain satisfied and maintaining your company’s reputation. 

As online orders increase, shipping has become a bigger priority for business owners. Avoiding common product shipping mistakes can significantly improve your business operations.

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5 Common Shipping Problems and Solutions

Protective packaging can help prevent several types of packaging damage that lead to returns and unsatisfied customers. Shipping your items with proper packaging allows you to avoid the following shipping issues and mistakes:

1. Shipping Electronic Parts Without Static Protection

Anti-static bags prevent static electricity buildup in electronic items and static shielding bags protect items from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and potential damage. While companies can use anti-static bags to ship products or parts vulnerable to static electricity, static shielding bags are a better option. These bags ensure electronic products reach your customers damage-free, making them an essential investment.

2. Shipping Food Without Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs are an essential part of shipping food items. These packs absorb moisture from the air inside shipping containers, keeping contents dry. 

Desiccant packs are made of porous materials surrounding moisture-absorbing materials such as silica gel or bentonite clay. They protect various items during shipping but are especially crucial for preventing mold growth in food products. 

3. Packaging Products Without Proper Warning Labels

Shipment warning labels provide necessary information for handlers. Knowing what types of products are in different packages and how to prevent damage helps your shipped items remain safe during transit. The following are standard warning labels:

  • Handle With Care 
  • Fragile
  • This Side Up
  • Keep Away From Heat

The packaging of shipments containing dangerous goods, lithium batteries or hazardous liquid materials should also display specialized symbols. Proper labels prevent accidents, spills and exposure from damaging items on their way to your customers.

4. Using Inaccurate Shipping Labels

Accurate shipping labels ensure your products reach the correct destinations. While human and technological errors are always possible, extra attention to detail can help your company avoid replacing lost items. Double-check your shipping information and labels to ensure you send each product to the correct address. 

5. Cutting Costs on Shipping Materials

High-quality protective packaging materials ensure your products reach customers in excellent condition, helping you save money over time. While cutting shipping material costs may save money upfront, using low-quality materials can increase long-term costs.

Quality shipping materials help reduce damaged items and ensure your customers remain satisfied. Using durable materials protects your reputation, helping you retain customers and establish your company’s reliability.

Military specification packaging is the highest-quality protective packaging for your products. It meets strict government standards and is the only type of packaging the military trusts. Military spec packaging is available to all users, allowing non-military companies to benefit from the most trusted packaging.

What Is Excessive Packaging?

Excessive packaging refers to wasteful materials that do not contribute to product protection. Overpackaging also increases packaging waste, threatening environmental sustainability. 

Quality matters more than quantity, and excessive materials add extra layers that may not protect items. Shipping your products with high-quality protective materials allows you to shield your items from damage with less paper or plastic.

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Ship Your Products Safely With Materials From Edco Supply Corporation

Protective packaging is essential for businesses fulfilling online orders. Shipping your products with quality packaging materials and proper labels ensures your items reach their destinations damage-free. 

Edco provides military spec packaging, anti-static bags, static shielding bags and warning labels to help companies ship their products properly. Our protective shipping materials can help you avoid costly product damage, returns and replacements while increasing customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive reputation. Contact Edco to learn more or request a quote to start shipping your products with high-quality protective packaging.

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