What You Need to Know About Humidity

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Humidity is something we’ve all experienced before, but what exactly is it?  The level of humidity in a place represents the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.  The problem with humidity is that it can affect our belongings.  Many people think that water damage only occurs when an item is fully submerged in water.  That, unfortunately, isn’t true.  That’s why we’re here to discuss humidity and what it can do to your products.


Humidity Can Occur in Dry Areas Too

It’s no secret – there are places that are more humid than others.  For instance, when you go to the beach or go to a city that has a lot of rain, you can feel the difference in the air.  That being said, even the driest of cities can get some humidity.  This is important to be aware of so that you can keep your belongings protected.


Humidity Isn’t Only Outside

The humidity outside may be more noticeable than inside, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there.  For instance, some business owners make the mistake of not using protective packaging in long-term storage.  Instead, they use it for shipment, but don’t realize that it can still reach their products when they’re being stored.  This can result in damaged goods.


Almost Everything Can be Damaged by Humidity

Humidity is never a good thing when it comes to important products.  For instance, it can cause electronic devices to stop working, cause rust to occur on metal items, or even form mold on food.


You Can Protect Your Products from Humidity

Humidity can be damaging, but that doesn’t mean that this can’t be prevented.  The two main protective packaging that can be used against humidity are moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs.  Whether you’re storing your personal items or have a large inventory for your business, you should use protective packaging to prevent damage.


To learn more about how to protect against humidity, give us a call at Edco Supply Corporation.  We’ll inform you about the differences between moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs.

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