What to Know About Humidity and Shipping

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Humidity is something we’ve all experienced before, but what exactly is it? The level of humidity in a place represents the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. The issue with humidity is that it can affect our belongings. Many people think that water damage only occurs when an item is fully submerged. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Let’s discuss humidity and what it can do to your products.

3 Key Facts About Humidity

There are several vital factors to consider about humidity and its effects on your company’s assets.

1. Humidity Also Occurs in Dry Areas

It’s no secret that some places are more humid than others. When you go to the beach or a city with a lot of rain, you can feel the difference in the air. Yet, even the driest of cities can get some humidity. It’s important to be aware of this fact so you can best protect your belongings.

2. Humidity Isn’t Only Outside

The humidity outside may be more noticeable than inside, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Some business owners assume protective packaging isn’t necessary for long-term storage since products are indoors. While they use it for shipment, they don’t realize that humidity can still reach their products when they’re in storage. This oversight can result in damaged goods.

Another often overlooked interior space where humidity can be challenging is within shipping containers. As goods make their journey, they travel between different climates. They also travel day and night, when temperatures differ. These changes can quickly cause condensation to form and drip inside, a phenomenon called container rain. Some products, like cocoa beans, also give off moisture that can add to the humidity issues in confined areas.

3. Humidity Can Damage Almost Everything

Humidity is never a good thing when it comes to important products. For example, it can cause electronic devices to stop working, cause rust to occur on metal items or even lead to mold growth on food.

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Protecting Your Products Against Humidity With Moisture Control Packaging

Humidity can be damaging, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prevent it. The two main types of protective packaging that you can use against humidity are moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs. 

Moisture barrier bags come in various sizes and sealing options to meet many products’ needs. These solutions provide a first line of defense against dampness and humidity penetration. Desiccants are ideal for internal packaging. Silica gel or clay packets offer high-performance absorbency to reduce moisture within the surrounding air.

When to Consider Moisture-Absorbent Packaging

As important as knowing how to protect your products from humidity is knowing when you need to. Perishable products like foods require moisture-absorbent packaging to help preserve their taste and texture and ensure they’re safe for consumption. Sensitive goods like electronics also benefit from these solutions by preventing damage that can lead to excess waste.

Moisture-absorbent packaging is ideal for storing your personal items or a large inventory for your business. It’s also the perfect solution to rely on during product transport, where environmental humidity frequently changes.

Buy Protective Packaging From Edco Supply Corporation

Edco has decades of experience as a market-leading packaging supplier and converter. Since 1954, our family-owned and operated company has been helping businesses safeguard their products and reputations with moisture control solutions. We carry an extensive inventory of options, including military-spec packaging, ready for fast shipment. Need something custom? Our in-house team can help you design it.

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