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VCI Corrosion and Rust Protection Products

VCI Bags – or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bags represent a type of protective packaging used to protect different items such as metal components, engine molds, engines, machined parts and others. The role of these bags is to protect the items enclosed from harmful rust and corrosion. VCI packaging is a poly type of bag that is manufactured with an extra layer of VCI protection. The vapor corrosion inhibitor molecules actually help protecting the metals from corrosion by firming a thin film or layer on the surface of the product. If you would like to find out more about different types of vci bags you are welcome to check out the available offer at Edco Supply Corporation.

The invisible protective vci layer will inhibit the corrosion process that is typically started by oxygen and water. There are also certain contaminants that can start the corrosion process, and the vci bags also protect against these. VCI bags are available in different styles, with different seals and different inhibitors to meet the needs and requirements of several items.

The vci bags will actually emit certain molecules that will “adhere” to the metal surface of the product that needs to be protected. The molecules will then transform into an invisible layer that provides maximum protection to the items. The main benefits of using vci bags for packaging important metal parts:

  • They offer efficient protection against corrosion and a highly efficient packaging for the item
  • The items protected in vci bags are ready for use / assembly immediately as they are taken out of the bag
  • You can find vci bags in different sizes, shapes an styles to meet your specific needs and requirements
  • Vci bags are recyclable

If you need to store in a warehouse such important metal parts and products, you should definitely invest in vci bags protective packaging. Talk to the experts at EDCO to find out more about the importance of vci bags in the protection of such sensitive items. VCI bags will protect 100% your products from corrosion and rust, and they also represent a good packaging option.

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