VCI, or Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor Bags, are a versatile and often misunderstood type of protective packaging that can safely prevent corrosion. VCI bags and VCI paper are treated with special chemicals that are corrosion inhibiting compounds. This basically means that they will prevent any rust or corrosive damage to your valuable metal materials while they are wrapped or stored in the VCI bags. These bags will certainly make your life easier when you are looking to store metals and materials that are subject to corrosive damage. EDCO Supply Corporation has a large variety of VCI bags and VCI paper to choose from to meet your protective packaging needs. We get many questions about VCI bags, so we decided to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these extraordinary bags.

What does VCI stand for?

As mentioned above, VCI stands for Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor. The paper and film are treated with special chemicals that prevent corrosion on protected metals.

What are some things VCI protects my products from?

When metals are wrapped or stored in VCI bags or VCI paper, the VCI materials provide protection from salt, dirt, oxygen, and other corrosive materials. If you are worried about corrosive damages, EDCO has the protective packaging you need.

How long does VCI protect a product?

When a product or metal good is stored correctly in a VCI bag or VCI paper, it can be properly protected from corrosive damage for up to 2 years. This means you can get lots of value out of any VCI packaging purchase from EDCO Supply Corporation.

What is a ferrous metal? What is a non-ferrous metal?

A ferrous metal is a metal that contains Iron. Steel is a classic example of a ferrous metal. Metals that contain other elements like copper, magnesium, and zinc are examples of non-ferrous metals.

Do I have to ensure my products are air-tight in VCI bags or VCI paper?

If you want the ideal packaging situation for your metals, air-tight storage is highly recommended. However, it is not absolutely required for the VCI products to work. The important thing to note is that the anti-corrosive properties of the protective packaging work better if the metals are more tightly enclosed.

Do my parts have to be dry before I store them in VCI Bags?

Yes, moisture is the number one cause of corrosion and you should get your metals or materials as dry as possible prior to storing them in VCI bags or VCI paper.

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