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Have you ever had to deal with a returned item that was damaged by a water leak? An expensive piece of equipment that is now your loss simply because you did not use protective type of packaging such as anti static bags or moisture barrier bags. Yes, it requires an extra investment to get such protective packaging but it is definitely worth the investment. As a business owner, you are constantly learning- what type of packaging to use for fragile items, which types of bags to use for sending electronics and other such issues. You are making a large amount of your income through online orders, so you also need to protect your investment and your reputation…and you can do this with one simple step: invest in protective packaging.

In case you do not know what type of protective packaging to choose for your specific items, Edco Supply Corporation representatives can help. Simply give us a few details regarding the items that you need to package and we will suggest the safest and most suitable type of packaging for your items. Not choosing protective packaging for your items translates into many returns and opened boxes, damaged items by dust, water leaks and even rust and a weakened reputation as a seller. Keep all these at bay by choosing the right type of packaging.

Yet another type of mistake that online sellers make is that they do not use warning labels on their products. Regardless of the type of product you are shipping, all packages should contain such warning labels. Such labels contain phrases such as “handle with care”, “this side up” or “electrostatic sensitive device”. Adding such labels to your products will add a plus of care and attention from the people handling your packages on their road.

Having in mind the risks that your goods can be exposed to is also important. For example if you are shipping food items you will need to add desiccant packs to the packaging. Or, if you are shipping an electronic device you will have to use anti static bags. Humidity is a huge threat to all sorts of goods- from clothing to food and electronics- this is why you should package them correctly.

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