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You have so many tasks around the house that require a good quality tape that you cannot afford to purchase low grade tape. Just imagine spending one or two hours on trying to bundle together a few weirdly shaped items. You simply cannot perform the task, because the tape you are using is too weak, it ruptures too easily and you are forced to start everything from the beginning. You can now forget about the nuisance of having to work with a low-quality tape, because Edco offers the best military tape products out there.

They offer only expert grade items, and their military tape is manufactured with the highest quality in mind. You can use this military tape to bundle items around the house or the garage for better storage, in order to get assistance with your repairs, to hold together electrical wires or perform any other tasks that require a good quality tape.

Edco Supply Corporation manufactures different kinds of tapes. They make filament tapes, Copper foil tapes, PVC tape and many mil-spec tapes. This means that you can always find the right type of tape for your task. For example, if you need a tape with very high tensile strength and pressure-sensitivity, you need to opt for a filament tape. The filament tape is also perfect for tasks where moisture resistance is important. Then, if you need a tape for a specific task that requires electromagnetic shielding, you need to opt for a copper foil tape (metal tape).

Edco is one of the largest tape distributors on the territory of the USA. Their large warehouses hold thousands of cases of military tape, so they are always prepared to supply the demand. This is exactly why the company can ship the same day you place your order and you can receive the tape that you need for you task on the next working day.

The company also offers customized widths of tape in order to suit the needs and requirements of different tasks. Simply browse through the available offers and choose the tape that suits your needs.

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