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Water is an electronic device’s worst nightmare. When a phone undergoes exposure to moisture, including humidity, it can impact the internal circuitry. This damage can mean that the speaker stops functioning or the screen doesn’t work as well as it used to. In other cases, the phone may be completely inoperable, leaving the user wondering how to fix it. Explore some common myths that persist and why prevention is a better solution.

3 Moisture Damage Myths

Following are three of the most common misconceptions about water damage to electronic devices.

1. The Device Must Be Fully Submerged to Get Damaged

Many people believe an electronic must be fully submerged in water to experience damage. This belief is inaccurate since even the humidity in the air can affect your phone or handheld device. For instance, if you’re shipping an order to your customer, the package may travel through humid environments during transport, which could affect the product’s ability to work.

2. Rice Will Repair the Phone

Most of us have experienced this — our phone gets wet, and we run to the cabinet to find rice. But does rice absorb moisture from phones? It’s true that rice can remove some of the water, yet it’s not an efficient way to repair your phone. In fact, placing a device in rice can create other issues. Dry starch and dust could infiltrate the internal components, or grains can lodge in ports or jacks as they swell during absorption. The remnants in rice can also speed up the process of corrosion.

3. There Are Machines That Can Fix It

You may have seen these machines outside of your local grocery or office supply store. They claim to remove moisture in about 30 minutes. This option is a game of luck, as there’s no way for a machine to completely fix a device with water damage just by leaving it inside.

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How to Prevent Water Damage With Packaging

When shipping electronic products to customers, safeguarding against moisture is a must to preserve your devices’ integrity and protect your company’s reputation. The best way to fight against water damage is to prevent it from ever happening with high-quality protective packaging.

Consider options like moisture barrier bags for shipping or long-term storage. These bags work by shielding the electronic device from moisture and humidity. Adding silica gel or clay desiccant packets within internal packaging is also an excellent solution. Desiccants naturally attract water and deliver high-absorbency performance.

You can also proactively prevent shipping a potentially damaged device by using humidity indicator cards. These cards confirm the protection measures you’ve taken are effective through color-changing technology — their dots turn from blue to red as moisture levels within the packaging rise.

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