Myths About Water Damage

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Water is an electronic device’s worst nightmare.  This is because when a phone is exposed to water, or even humidity, it can impact the internal circuitry.  For some, this damage can mean that the speaker stops working or the screen doesn’t work as well as it used it; for some phones, it can be a death sentence.  The best way to protect your electronic devices is by using protective packaging.  That being said, there are many cell phone repair myths when it comes to water damage.  Let’s discuss the different myths about water damage.


The Phone Has To Fully Submerge To Be Damaged

First thing that we need to discuss is the myth that phone’s have to be fully submerged in water to become damaged.  This is incorrect, because even the humidity in the air can affect your phone.  For instance, if you’re shipping a phone to your friend or a customer, then the package may be exposed to humid environments during shipping; this could affect the phone’s ability to work.


Rice Will Repair The Phone

Most of us have experienced this; our phone gets wet and we run to the cabinet to find rice.  Although it’s true that the rice can absorb some of the water on the phone, it’s not an efficient way to repair your phone.  If your phone has started working after putting it in rice, it’s pure luck.  In fact, the remnants in rice can actually speed up the process of corrosion.


There Are Machines That Can Fix It

You may have seen these machines outside of your local grocery store.  Apparently, you put your phone in these machines and come back and pick it up about 30 minutes later.  When you return, the phone should be fixed from any water damage.  This is another game of luck, as there’s no way for a machine to completely fix a phone with water damage just by leaving it inside.


How To Prevent Water Damage

As mentioned, the best way to fight against water damage is to prevent it from ever happening.  This can be done with moisture barrier bags.  These bags should be used during shipping or long-term storage.  Moisture barrier bags work by shielding the electronic device from moisture and humidity.  To learn more, contact us at Edco Supply Corporation.

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