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It’s no secret that the military has very stern rules.  The soldiers in the army have to dress a specific way, depending on their status.  They have to wear their hair a certain way, have intense workouts, and follow hard schedules.  All of this is necessary, though, as soldiers are often put in vulnerable positions in which they need to be well-prepared and trained.


These strict rules can be seen in every part of the military, including their mil-spec packaging.  Since the soldiers are usually in base camps far outside the city, most of their equipment, medication, food, and clothes get shipped to them.  These products are important to them, as it allows them to live and protect themselves.  That being said, it’s important that these packages arrive in perfect condition, which is why there are so many regulations on shipment.


For instance, Military Standard 2073 is one of the rules that the military uses when items are entered into the military distribution system.  The purpose of this regulation is to identify methods of preservation to better protect their belongings.


In addition to this standard, there are many protective packaging products that are utilized by the military.  One of the popular items is VCI paper, which stands for volatile protective inhibitor.  Metal items are wrapped in this chemically-treated VCI paper, which then forms a protective layer to prevent salt, dirt, oxygen, and other materials from depositing on the metal.  By doing so it protects against corrosion, which is one of the main threats to metal.


This is just one example of protective packaging that the military uses, but there are many more.  At Edco Supply Corporation, we know that the military has strict rules regarding their protective packaging.  For that reason, we’ll help you find the right product that meets your military contract.  We’ll also inspect and ship your products with a signed certificate with compliance so that you can feel confident that all of your products meet current military standards.

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