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At Edco Supply Corporation, we supply all of your packaging needs. Not only do we have folding cartons, but also labels, heat sealers, and even poly bags. We also have military tape, which can be used for many different things. Military tape is not only used in the military, but in everyday life as well. That being said, each tape has different qualities, making them useful for different purposes.

For instance, one of our popular military tapes is PVC Tape, also known as polyvinyl chloride. This tape is an electrical tape made out of either plastic or vinyl. It has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, and cold resistance. Although it can be used for different things, it is known for being a good wire connection and electrical insulation protection. Alternatively, filament tape is another great military tape. This tape is pressure sensitive and commonly used for packaging functions. It can be used to close corrugated fiberboard boxes, reinforce packages, bundle items, and unitize pallets, to name a few.

Those are two of our military tapes, but we also manufacture and distribute masking tape, Copper foil tape, and military specification tapes. Our New York warehouse holds over 10,000 cases of military tapes, allowing us to be one of the largest distributors in the USA. You can learn more about our military tapes here, or you can call one of our customer service representatives.

Aside from military tape, you can ask our customer service representatives about any of our other products as well. Our anti-static bags, for example, shield electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields. Or maybe you’ll be interested in our desiccant packs, which are used to absorb moisture, odors, and chemical to preserve and protect your products. At Edco Supply Corporation, we are experts in supplying mil-spec packaging. If you have an important package but you’re not sure how to keep it safe during transit, we will recommend you the right product.

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