Sending Care Packages to Loved Ones on Valentines Day

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During this month, on February the 14th, a very important holiday occurs: Valentines Day.  There are many ways to celebrate this holiday.  Some people have a romantic dinner at home, others go to a restaurant or spend the weekend away, and the rest give presents to their loved ones.  Some of us are lucky enough to have our families in the same city, but that’s not the case for everybody.  Some people, unfortunately, have their partner, kids, or parents in other cities.  When this happens, they usually try to send them a package to show them that they care.

Some of the common things to send are flowers, letters, and food.  This could be chocolate, a homemade dessert, or anything else that the other person loves.  Whether you’re a company that ships care packages for holidays, or you just want to send a package to your loved ones, you should use protective packaging to make sure that the items arrive in great condition.

The most important product that should be used are desiccant packs.  These packs are packaged desiccants that absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals from the environment.  So, why are these products so important on Valentines Day?  The reason being is that food can be damaged by moisture in the air, and for two main reasons.  The first reason is that moisture can ruin the texture of a product.  For instance, if you send a package with coffee and chocolates, the consistency of the coffee can be affected by moisture.  The second reason that desiccant packs are important while shipping food is because moisture can cause mold to form on the food.  By using desiccant packs, you can prevent the food from arriving with mold, therefore being inedible.

At Edco Supply Corporation, we have a large line of protective packaging so that you can send care packages to clients or your loved ones for Valentines Day.  If you have loved ones in the army, our packaging can also be used to send packages internationally.  For more information, contact our experienced customer service representatives.

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