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Desiccant bags provide optimal protection against moisture-related damage like mildew, rust and mold. Many industries use them to protect products, from manufacturing and industrial services to aerospace engineering. An especially popular aspect of desiccant bags is their ability to be reused on both a commercial and personal level. This overview of desiccant packets’ history explores their development and importance over time.

How Were Desiccants Used in the Past?

The most popular desiccant packet, silica gel, has a long and prolific history. Manufacturers produce it in a synthetic technique with sodium silicate. It absorbs water, making it an excellent drying agent. 

Desiccant packet origins and the use of silica gel date back as far as 1640. It became more popular during World War I when users placed it in gas mask canisters. The desiccants absorbed the vapors and moisture inside the masks. 

In World War II, desiccant packets protected penicillin, military equipment and pharmaceutical supplies from moisture.

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How Were Desiccants Used Commercially?

The commercial use of desiccants began with Walter Albert Patrick, a professor from Syracuse, New York. During his doctoral studies, Patrick focused on developing a cost-effective and quick method of silica gel production. Because his technique generated large quantities of the desiccant, it was used in World War I gas masks. Walter Albert Patrick patented his synthetic strategy for desiccant development in 1919. 

In the years following, various companies formed to build commercial uses for silica gel. Global industries began to use the packets to protect products during transport. Desiccant packets are still used widely today as dependable drying agents.

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