How Are Desiccant Packs Made?

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At Edco Supply Corporation, we supply a wide range of mil-spec packaging, which includes desiccant packsDesiccant packs are one of our most popular products, as they can be used in almost every field.  In fact, any product that can be damaged by moisture can benefit from this type of protective packaging, including machinery, electronics, food, and even semiconductors.  This is because the purpose of desiccant bags is to absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals.  As a result, they not only control moisture exposure, but they also prevent rust, mold, and mildew.


Desiccant bags are packaged in materials such as Kraft Paper and Tyvek, but what are they filled with?  There are different materials that can be used, such as montmorillonite clay, molecular sieve, calcium oxide, and silica gel.  Although all are great options, we’re going to focus on silica gel.


Silica gel has been utilized for many years, even dating back to the 1640’s.  During this time, it was used in World War 1 for the absorption of vapors and gases in gas mask canisters.  Although it has been used for a long time, there is one man that is credited for desiccant packs, which is professor Walter Patrick.  In 1919, he patented the synthetic route for producing silica gel packs.  They are made through a process involving sodium silicate and an acid that was patented by Patrick.  This mixture forms a gel which is then dried out.


Thanks to Walter Patrick, we’ve been able to use desiccant packs to protect our important products.  At Edco, we are the leading distributor of desiccant bags in the United States, so we have extensive experience in this area.  For more information on our mil-spec packaging, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Our customer service representatives will help you find the perfect protective packaging for your needs.

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