Exploring the Benefits of Moisture Barrier Bags in Industrial and Commercial Settings

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How your products appear to your customers is important for customer satisfaction. Moisture barrier bags can enhance product shelf life and protect against damage from mold and oxidation.

Part of producing quality products is carefully considering their storage. Depending on your industry, different storage factors determine the level of protection your products require. Regardless of your industry needs, moisture barrier bags are the answer to maintaining the quality of your products.

Understanding the Role of Moisture Barrier Bags

From preventing spoiling to protecting against environmental issues, moisture barrier bags are a must-have. Learn more about the role they play.

Definition and Function of Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture barrier bags protect products from moisture and other contaminants. During manufacturing, packaging or shipping, products may be unintentionally exposed to moisture, which can damage the products.

Moisture or vapor barrier bags ensure moisture does not collect on products. These bags are often high barrier bags that also protect against oxygen corrosion as they secure products for minimal oxygen transmission.

Importance of Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture barrier bags or foil barrier bags provide plenty of advantages for businesses. We will look at some of these benefits of moisture barrier bags.

  • Extended product shelf life: Whether it is protection against grease, oxygen or humidity, moisture barrier packaging can prolong a product’s shelf life. For example, foods must remain fresh for as long as possible, and sealing out moisture or oxygen can keep them fresh longer.
  • Preventing spoilage: Preventing food from spoiling is something your business should take seriously, as it can make or break your business. Mold growth in food is dangerous. Foil barrier bags translate to safer products for your customers.
  • Cost savings: When you prevent spoilage or damage to your products, you reduce product waste. You can also avoid customer complaints and returns and the associated costs.

The Impact of Moisture Barrier Bags on Various Industries

Moisture barrier bags have one primary function — protecting products against damage. Due to this, they are beneficial to various industries.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

Pharmaceutical packaging that maintains product quality is essential since preventing products from contamination and spoilage is sometimes a matter of life or death. Any changes to the products’ original properties can harm consumers. Moisture barrier bags extend the products’ shelf life and ensure they maintain their potency.

Foil barrier bags can protect against moisture, oxygen ingress, temperature extremes and, in some instances, chemical damage that can occur during transportation. The bags are manufactured to meet industry standards of cleanliness, which plays an essential role in retaining the quality of pharmaceutical products.

Moisture barrier bags also help you maintain your brand reputation. Recalling products due to issues relating to their shelf life or potency could damage your business reputation, and customers might lose trust in your business.

A computer part being stored in a moisture barrier bag

Electronics Industry

Electronic products require a high level of sensitivity when handling them, as even a few drops of water can cause significant damage to them. Moisture to products can be expensive as it can cause functionality issues. Vapor barrier bags can also protect against electrostatic damage and environmental contaminants.

Barrier bags for the electronics industry are made with multiple layers of plastic film and aluminum combined with antistatic or conductive material for protection against moisture and static electricity.

The bags are perfect for high-humidity environments or situations when electronic products might be exposed to high moisture levels, such as during shipping or storage. Foil barrier bags are perfect for memory cards, packaging disk drivers, semiconductors, circuit boards, processors and other electrical components.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace tools, sensors, parts and other equipment are susceptible to moisture damage. Aluminum vapor barrier bags protect against moisture, extreme temperatures and oxygen corrosion. Engines and electronics for the cockpit face a huge risk of corrosion damage. Moisture barrier bags can reduce the chances of damage occurring to parts and meet industry standards.

Defense Industry

Moisture, grease, oxygen and UV light are some of the things that can damage military equipment. Products for the military must adhere to strict packaging standards from the United States Department of Defense. Moisture barrier bags provide the required packaging protection to maintain the condition of various military equipment and supplies.

As in other industries, electronic equipment and parts are susceptible to moisture and damage from contaminants. Ammunition, munitions and explosives are also at risk since they won’t ignite if they’re damp. Foil barrier bags protect products from oxidation, moisture vapor damage and contamination, which can occur during storage, transportation or shipment. 

Food Packaging Industry

Moisture barrier bags are essential for food packaging as food needs to remain fresh, even on store shelves. Although moisture is a common cause of food spoiling as it can become moldy or lead to bacteria growth, oxygen is another culprit to worry about. Oxygen entering the food package will reduce the food’s shelf life and affect its taste and aroma. 

Even if food doesn’t spoil completely, the taste, smell and texture can change when exposed to humid environments. For instance, foods that are meant to be crispy can become soggy, which is unpleasant when you bite into food that would usually have some crunch.

Moisture barrier bags protect against oxygen and moisture, keeping food as fresh as possible for extended periods. Customers will receive foods with the right taste, texture and smell they expect from your products. 

Automotive Industry

Just like every other industry, moisture can damage parts and equipment in the automotive industry. Electrical components require protection against moisture damage and static, and unfinished metal parts need protection against rust and corrosion. Moisture barrier bags are essential when transporting and storing these sensitive products.

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Explore Edco’s Moisture Barrier Bags

Your business aims to be profitable and maintain customer satisfaction. Something as minor as exposing your products to oxygen, grease or moisture can get in the way of you achieving that. Luckily, moisture barrier bags are the solution — they can extend product shelf life, ensure you meet industry standards and save costs.

Continue maintaining product quality and meeting industry standards. Browse Edco’s moisture barrier bag options and request a quote today!

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