3 Things That Protection Packaging Offers

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If your business has a lot of online orders, then you’re aware that fulfilling these orders is different than when a customer walks into the store and buys your products.  Instead of handing them their purchase, you’re taking a risk by shipping it, not only across town, but maybe even across the country or world.  That’s why protective packaging is an important step in fulfilling orders.  Since it is an extra cost to your orders, you should be sure that it’s absolutely necessary.  So, what can protective packaging really offer you?



As the name suggests, the real purpose of protective packaging is to protect your items.  At Edco Supply Corporation, we have many different options available to our customers because we recognize that every product is different.  For instance, a computer will need anti-static bags, while fertilizer will need desiccant packs.  Not only do we recommend using protective packaging during shipment, but during storage as well.


Lower Costs

As mentioned, of course adding protection to your packages will increase the price of your shipping, but you should think of it as an investment.  If you pay a little bit more to protect your products, that means you don’t have to replace them if they arrive in bad condition.


A Piece of Mind

Especially with fragile items, you may be nervous about putting them in a cardboard box and hoping they arrive in good condition.  When you take the extra step to keep your products in great condition, you can feel confident that they’ll arrive in the same condition that you sent them.  Not only does this mean that you don’t have to waste money fixing any damaged products, but it lets you know that your customers will be happy with their purchase.


If you want to know more about our protective packaging at Edco, give us a call.  Our experienced customer service representatives will be happy to help you choose the right packaging for your business.

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