3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Edco for Your Military Specification Packaging

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When you’re in the market for mil-spec packaging, there are many important products that you’ll have to choose from.  To name a few, there are anti-static bags, desiccant packs, and even military tape.  Even when you know what you want, though, how are you supposed to determine where to buy your mil-spec packaging from?

Edco Supply Corporation is a great place to get your mil-spec packaging, as we have over 60 years of experience.  We are also the leading U.S. converter and supplier of mil-spec packaging; our loyal customers are proof of our top-quality products and great customer service.  This article offers 3 more reasons why you should choose Edco for your mil-spec packaging needs.

Experienced Customer Service Representatives

Our customer service representatives have an average of 10+ years in the industry, meaning they have experience with all different kinds of situations.  They have been trained in all of our products, meaning they’ll be able to recommend you the right product, as well as how much you need of it.  Additionally, they’ll make sure that you’re meeting all of the requirements of your military contract.

Signed Certificate of Compliance

When you’re sending packages to the military, there are certain guidelines that you must follow.  As mentioned, our customer service representatives will guarantee that you buy the right product for your contract. More than that, we’ll also provide a signed certificate of compliance with your order.

Overstock Specials

At Edco, we offer monthly overstock specials to show our customers that we appreciate them.  These offers are on excessive inventory items or returned items that were ordered by mistake.  Don’t worry, though, as we won’t sell anything that has defects.  We’ll also guarantee that each product complies with current military standards.  This allows our customers to find their products for a cheaper price.

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