The History of Mil-Spec Packaging and Why It’s a Great Investment

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Mil-spec packaging is a unique form of packaging that is held to the absolute highest standards. If you want the best packaging available on the market, you want to buy mil-spec packaging. Options like military tape, protective packaging, and VCI paper, and more are all great options for ensuring that the contents of a package are safe from damage. EDCO Supply Corporation has been supplying the best in mil-spec packaging for over 60 years and would love to help you out with the best packaging solutions on the market. Keep reading on to learn a little bit about the history of mil-spec packaging and why it’s a great investment for your business.


During times of war, our country was in desperate need of high-quality resources. World War II led to the military taking a good look at some of the problems we had as a result of poor packaging. This led directly to the creation of mil-spec regulations for packaging. The designation officially came to be in the year 1941 after a military operation in Iceland led to critical losses as a result of poor packaging. After this operation, mil-spec packaging became a standard for our military that has held up to this day. Mil-spec packaging is similar to commercial grade packaging, but it has to meet extremely stringent performance and quality requirements.

If you want the absolute best in protective packaging, you should go for mil-spec packaging. The amount of testing and special requirements that mil-spec packaging has to go through means that you can rely on it to protect your most valuable goods. If you want your products to arrive to customers in perfect condition, mil-spec packaging is the solution. Products like VCI paper have been used by the military for decades to protect even their most delicate materials. VCI paper helps to prevent corrosion by slowly releasing chemical compounds that prevent corrosion within the package. This is the perfect example of mil-spec packaging that can really make a difference for your business.

Investing in mil-spec packaging can help you gain peace of mind since you know that the packaging has passed stringent requirements and testing. If mil-spec packaging is good enough for the military, it can certainly benefit your business as well.

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