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If you’re an approved Department of Defense supplier or partner, you’re likely quite familiar with the term military specification — or “mil-spec” — standards. 

Goods and services meeting these guidelines typically go beyond commercially available products or are engineered for the unique demands of military use. But have you ever wondered about the history behind the standards? Here’s a brief look at how mil-spec standards came to be and their pivotal role in supplying our government with consistent quality and performance.

How United States Defense Standards Evolved

During times of war, our country was in desperate need of high-quality resources. World War II led to the military taking a good look at some of the problems we had as a result of poor packaging. This evaluation spurred the creation of mil-spec packaging standards. 

The designation became official in 1941 after a military operation in Iceland led to critical losses as a result of poor packaging. After this event, mil-spec packaging became the military norm and has held up to this day.

What Is Mil-Spec Packaging?

Mil-spec packaging is a unique form of packaging that is held to the absolute highest standards and precise technical details. It’s similar to commercial-grade packaging, but it has to meet extremely stringent performance and quality requirements. If you want the best packaging available on the market to keep your products damage-free, mil-spec packaging is an excellent investment.

Mil-Spec Packaging Benefits and Options

The primary benefit of using these solutions is the durability and reliability you gain from products that meet mil-spec packaging standards. This designation means the goods have undergone comprehensive testing to handle rigorous demands, so you can rely on them to protect your most valuable goods.

Preserving your hard-earned business reputation is a second advantage of using mil-spec packaging. Your customers receive their products in prime condition, which means higher customer satisfaction that can lead to repeat business and referrals. It also translates into fewer returns and less product loss, boosting your bottom line.

Popular examples of mil-spec packaging include:

  • Military tape: Mil-spec tape provides resistance to chemicals, abrasives, puncturing and heat extremes. These products are available in various sizes to meet differing application needs.
  • Specialized protective packaging: These options include outer packaging and mil-spec desiccants that safeguard against moisture. Static-shielding and anti-static bags are also available to help secure goods against electrical charge damage.
  • VCI paper: The military has used products like VCI paper for decades to preserve their most delicate materials. This packaging solution helps to prevent corrosion by slowly releasing chemical compounds that inhibit rust and oxidation.
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Protect Your Shipments With Mil-Spec Packaging From EDCO

Investing in mil-spec packaging can help you gain peace of mind since you know that the packaging has passed stringent requirements and testing. If mil-spec packaging is good enough for the military, it can certainly benefit your business as well.

EDCO Supply Corporation has been supplying the best in mil-spec packaging for over 60 years and would love to help you out with the best packaging solutions on the market. Explore our selections online today, and contact us with questions or to request a custom quote.

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