3 Powerful Moisture Prevention Products from EDCO Supply

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Moisture can wreak havoc on physical products in all industries. It is a worthy adversary that
will seriously damage products and goods and end up costing your business thousands of
dollars if not properly dealt with. Simply stated, if your business involves shipping or storing
physical materials and products, you have to keep moisture prevention in mind.

EDCO Supply has a variety of high quality protective packaging products to suit all of your
moisture prevention needs. We can provide affordable protective packaging of all shapes and
sizes that will ensure your product stays dry and moisture damage free. For over 60 years,
EDCO Supply has been providing these types of products for a variety of military contracts and
businesses. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure you are protecting
your products well. We have created the following list of three of the most powerful moisture
preventative products in our arsenal to help you take the right steps towards preventing
moisture damage on your own products.

Moisture Barrier Bags

Our moisture barrier bags come in a broad variety of materials that can be applied in many
different packaging applications. Commercial flexible packaging is extremely important when
shipping or storing food products, electronics, industrial parts, and chemicals. EDCO’s high
quality standards and professionalism will ensure that your product stays fully moisture free
while it is in our protective packaging.

VCI Bags

VCI bags, or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor bags, are protective packaging treated with chemicals
specifically engineered to prevent rust and corrosion in metals. These bags are perhaps one of
the greatest and most important tools for a business dealing with metal materials and parts.
Moisture and metal simply do not mix well. VCI bags can also prevent salt, dirt, oxygen, and
other corrosive elements from eating into your valuable metal products. This versatile product
might be one of the most powerful moisture guards available.

Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs are tiny packages of porous materials that absorb moisture along with odors
and chemicals in order to keep your products safe from harm. Machinery, semiconductors,
electronics, and food products are all examples of product lines standing to benefit from the
powerful moisture protection that these packs provide. Efficient, effective, and affordable,
desiccant packs from EDCO Supply can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet all
of your moisture prevention needs.

Please reach out to us today to start discussing how EDCO can benefit your business with our variety of products such as moisture barrier bags, VCI bags, and desiccant packs. Call us now at 718-788-8108.

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