Benefits of Mil-Spec Tape From Edco

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Military specification tape or mil-spec tape features high strength and durability for military applications. Edco Supply Corporation manufactures and distributes various mil-spec packaging, including the highest quality mil-spec tapes. Edco’s experts have the skills and knowledge to offer top-tier mil-spec tape and help you choose the best option for your needs.

Benefits of Edco’s Mil-Spec Tape

The right mil-spec tape withstands demanding applications and meets military regulations. Trusting Edco with your mil-spec tape needs offers the following benefits.

Options to Meet Every Requirement

Different types of military tapes feature different functions and serve various purposes, and Edco Supply Corporation offers a wide selection of commercial and military tapes to meet your needs. Military-specific tape must meet specific design requirements to withstand military applications, so you can expect optimal durability and high performance. Edco offers the following popular military tapes:

  • Filament tape: Filament tape is pressure-sensitive and has high tensile strength. It’s also moisture and tear-resistant.
  • PVC tape: Mil-spec polypropylene or PVC tape has high strength and low stretch, making it perfect for military packaging applications.
  • Copper foil tape: Copper foil tape is a type of metal tape you can use for electromagnetic shielding.
  • Masking tape: Masking tape temporarily protects surfaces while you paint, finish, polish, plate, blast, coat, solder or spray nearby surfaces. Masking tape composition depends on its application, and Edco offers quality mil-spec masking tapes to ensure they provide the residue-free removal, heat or chemical resistance and weather resistance you need for your specific projects.

Mil-spec filament, PVC, copper foil and masking tapes are durable and strong enough to fit military applications. They protect surfaces and products so you can perform tasks and ship materials safely. Whether you need to hold electrical wires together, ship fragile medical supplies, bundle oddly-shaped items, perform repairs or finish military equipment, Edco’s mil-spec tape offers the necessary protective qualities.

Fast Delivery

When you order mil-spec tape from Edco, you can expect to receive it quickly. Edco is one of the United States’ largest tape distributors, and our New York warehouse holds over 10,000 cases. This large inventory prepares us for every order, enabling us to offer same-day shipping and next-day delivery.

Industry Experience

Edco’s team has the knowledge and experience to help you find the ideal type of tape for your applications. Our loyal customers and years of experience in the military packaging industry reflect our ability to meet your needs and military standards. Our customer service representatives can help you find the perfect type of tape for your specific situation.


You can depend on Edco to meet your needs no matter what specifications your application requires. In addition to standard tape dimensions, we can customize widths to fulfill your requirements. With customization options, you can ensure the tape you order fits your application precisely.

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Trust Edco With Your Mil-Spec Tape Needs

Choosing the right mil-spec tape is essential for protecting equipment, products and materials during repairs, finishing and shipping processes. Edco offers mil-spec tape to meet the strictest regulations and deliver the quality you expect. Contact Edco to learn more or request a quote to get started.

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