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VCI Paper– or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor paper is a type of packaging paper made with extra vci chemistry. The VCI molecules are the ones that will help protecting the metals from the corrosion process. The molecules will basically create a thin film on the surface of the items. Thus VCI paper can be safely used for the packaging, storage or transportation of sensitive items that need an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

The extra layer or film that is formed on the surface of the items will inhibit the corrosion process that is typically caused by water, oxygen and other contaminants. For a wide selection of vci paper of the best quality you should check out the inventory at Edco Supply Corporation. VCi paper is manufactured in different weights and sizes but also with different inhibitor types. If you don’t know exactly which type of vci paper suits your needs, you should contact the experts at Edco. They will gladly assist you with selecting the most appropriate type of packaging paper.

You can order vci paper in different forms such as pre-cut, in full rolls or even with customized printing if needed. VCI paper can be easily reinforced with a layer of poly for example to add an extra layer of protection. VCI paper is also known as rust inhibitor paper, which is a term that can be easily remembered.

Basically, the VCI paper will emit certain molecules that nicely settle on the surface of metals and there they will form an invisible film that offers the needed protection. This is a dry packaging material that is commonly used for the packaging of ferrous (metal) but also non-metal products. Whenever the metal parts are wrapped using vci paper the molecules will start activating and filling up the vapor space inside the package. Thus, the items will be protected very well against corrosion.

VCI paper typically lasts for 2 or even more years, and if stored correctly you can use it as protective packaging for a very long time. When not in use, the VCI paper should be always kept in a special corrugated box for best storage.

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