VCI Bags Versus VCI Paper

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What Does VCI Mean?

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) are a great protective packaging option for protecting your products from rust-related damage. Goods like tools, metal components, and machine parts are all susceptible to rust damage and are usually quite expensive to replace. You can avoid worrying about rust damage thanks to VCI protective packaging options.

How Are VCI Products Made?

These packaging solutions are treated with specially engineered chemicals that safely prevent corrosion on metals. Rest assured that your valuable metal products are safe and sound when covered in VCI protective packaging.

VCI Bags vs. VCI Paper

There are two main types of VCI products that can help you keep your materials safe from rust damage: VCI bags and VCI paper.

VCI Bags

VCI bags are easier to use than VCI paper because you can simply place the metal parts within the bag versus having to spend time wrapping the materials. Another big advantage is that VCI bags can provide longer-term protection from corrosion. VCI bags can normally offer corrosive protection for up to five years. VCI bags create a moisture barrier that you won’t get from using VCI paper. You can also use a VCI bag to protect all different types of metals, like aluminum, silver, copper, brass, steel, and more.

VCI bags are great because they normally are transparent. This means you can easily inspect and analyze the materials within versus having to physically unwrap them if they are surrounded in VCI paper.

VCI Paper

VCI paper is another fantastic form of protective packaging that can help you keep your metal items safe from corrosive damage. In certain scenarios, VCI paper is the way to go.

VCI paper is directly coated with a corrosion-inhibiting compound which allows it to be very quickly released into the air and onto the products that are being packaged. A huge benefit of VCI paper is that the speed at which the Volatile Corrosive Inhibitors are released is much quicker, which is better for metals that are vulnerable to quick corrosion or flash rush.

Get the Best Quality VCI Protective Packaging with Edco

Edco Supply Corporation can meet all of your protective packaging needs thanks to our diverse product line and world-class customer service. If you are seeking VCI bags or related products, reach out to us today and we can discuss how to get your protective packaging needs met.

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