Types of Electronics that Must Be Stored in Anti-Static Bags

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If you operate business in the field of electronics, then you need to pay attention to the storage, shipping and packaging of your items. You need to use the right type of protective packaging to keep your items safe from all sorts of problems. In order to enjoy the best success in your field, you have to ensure that all your goods are kept from harm’s way up until the items reach your customers. Making an investment in anti static bags is the best thing you can possibly do in order to protect your electronics.

  • Anti-static bags create what is called a “Faraday cage” effect in order to protect the electronics from electric energy formation inside the packaging
  • The anti-static bags will also prevent the buildup of static energy inside the bag

So, what types of electronics benefit the most from being packaged using such anti static bags? First, we have the computer hard drives. These electronic items are quite expensive, and they are also very delicate. For example, in case of an electrostatic discharge, the hard drive can become damaged, and then you lose precious money. Computer hard drives are best protected in such bags up until they reach the end consumer. Edco Supply Corporation offers a wide selection of anti-static bags that will help protecting your sensitive goods and items.

Next, circuit boards also need to be protected with anti-static bags. Circuit boards can be easily exposed to the risk of damage if they are not packaged properly. In order to avoid quite expensive damages to your circuit boards, you should store them in anti-static bags. Yet another type of item that should be stored using anti-static bags is the sound card (and the video card as well). Both sound and video cards are very expensive, so they should be properly safeguarded from harm using anti-static bags.

If you have any question or concern regarding proper packaging solutions for your sensitive electronic items, feel free to contact the experts at Edco Supply Corporation.

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