The Science That Makes VCI Paper So Important

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Anyone who works in an industry that involves the ordering of metal parts can understand the vulnerability that metals have to corrosion. Rust is the nemesis of the health and longevity of metal parts. The owners of metal parts hold the responsibility of preventing corrosion from occurring. When it comes to the transportation of metal parts, the most effective way to prevent corrosion is through the use of VCI paper, which is short for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor paper.

What You Should Know About Corrosion

It is the chemical reaction that occurs as a response to the interaction of metal and oxygen. It is the process of oxidation and it occurs on a molecular level, causing destruction to the surface of metals. Corrosion does not necessarily weaken the interior of the metal itself so much as it causes its surface to disintegrate. In place of the metal’s surface, a rough film-like substance forms, which we call rust. Rust, unlike corrosion, is what actually damages the metal. The most important thing to keep in mind is that corrosion occurs immediately. And it continues to occur until someone stops the cell that’s causing the corrosion from interacting with the metal.

What You Should Know About Corrosion Inhibitors

By using VCI paper to protect your metal parts, you ensure the maintenance of those parts’ purity. VCI paper contains a corrosion-inhibiting compound, which migrates throughout the environment of the packaging. One of the most notable features of VCI paper is its ability to adjust to different temperatures, allowing for optimal protection even in particularly humid environments.

What You Should Know About Edco’s VCI Paper

Our VCIs and VPIs (volatile protective inhibitors) come in multiple sizes, enabling us to attend to all of our clients’ orders. We offer stock sizes as well as custom sizes of up to 48” by 100 yards. All you need to do is contact us and describe the kinds of parts you need to package. Our VCI paper has the ability to form a special protective molecular layer, which prevents not only corrosion and rust but also salt and dirt from contaminating the contents of the packaging.

Edco Supply Corporation offers VCI paper and many other mil spec packaging products to businesses throughout the nation and in parts of Canada. If you are in a business that requires the ordering of metal parts and are searching for a company that has the resources to protect those parts from corrosion, contamination, or any other damage, please contact us by calling 718-788-8108.

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