The 3 Kinds Of Moisture That Edco’s Desiccant Packs Can Prevent From Damaging Your Electronics

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Desiccant packs are what one uses to protect a product in transit or in storage from experiencing water damage. The packs absorb the moisture, whatever kind of moisture that may be, effectively preventing the product from experiencing corrosion. When one packages a product that is at risk of water damage in a small space, the likelihood of moisture damaging it increases substantially. Here are the four different kinds of water damage that can occur when a packaged product is traveling to its destination that desiccant bags can protect.

1. Water Vapor That’s Already In The Package When One Encloses It

Sometimes the air can be moister than it appears. Just because there isn’t a giant bubble of liquid water floating in front of you doesn’t mean there isn’t any moisture. In fact, there’s almost always some degree of moisture in the air. And when you enclose it in a package, that moisture is all the more likely to have an effect on the product in the packaging. It’s for this reason that it is absolutely crucial to have desiccant packs to absorb that moisture, instead of letting seep into your delicate electronics, just to have them become unusable by the time they get to where they’re going.

2. Moisture In The Other Materials That Are Alongside The Product In Transit Within The Packaging

Sometimes in tight spaces moisture can release from seemingly dry materials. That’s why packaging of electronics is such a risk. With Edco’s top of the line desiccant bags, whatever cell phones, gaming consoles, sound systems, etc. you are transporting will arrive safe and sound, no matter how moist the other materials within the packaging may be while in transit.

3. Moisture on or in the walls of the packaging, or permeation of moisture from outside

Depending on how tight your packaging is, there’s a good chance that if the package enters a moist area, that that moisture will penetrate the walls of the packaging. Remember that once you release the package to those who are transporting it, you relinquish control of where it goes. As a professional in charge of protecting your company’s products, it’s your duty to ensure that no matter where it goes, that it has the proper protection. So if, while in transit, the package must pass through a moist section of an airplane or truck, you’ll know that Edco’s desiccant packs are keeping everything dry as can be.

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