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As a company owner in charge of maintaining any brand of metals in storage or in transit, the goal, first and foremost, is to prevent the rusting of said metals at all costs. Moreover, as a business owner, one must also inherently consider how to go about doing so in the least expensive way possible while still yielding the best possible results. And while that sounds like a tall task to find such a perfect combination, in reality, it isn’t hard at all. The answer, quite simply, is Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging. This, in so many words, is the answer to all your problems. Here’s why VCI paper supersedes all of the previous attempts you’ve made to protect your metals from rusting.

1. Cost

The most common alternative to VCI paper is the use of expensive oils, more specifically, R.P. oils. R.P. oil, for starters, will burn holes in your pockets. It’s one of those things that seem harmless in the small scale, but when it becomes part of your routine and you are in the business of managing metals, harmless turns into costly pretty quickly. With VCI paper, that expenditure will evaporate.

2. Less Labor Intensive

Again, spraying down or dipping a bit of metal in oil will not cost you tons of time. But on the massive scale, time spent on labor will add up. VCI packaging eliminates the need to have to laboriously wipe down each and every item you’re storing or transferring. Instead, you have the closure of knowing that any time you package something using Edco’s VCI paper, it’ll be secure from the elements that cause it to rust.

3. It’s Cleaner

From a practical standpoint, R.P. oils are just plain messy. There’s no getting around the fact that you’ll have to douse your metals in oils, which means they will lose their original form, even if it’s for the purpose of preserving them. With VCI paper, that’s no concern of yours. Because you’ll know that they will arrive at point B unscathed, exactly as they were when they departed from point A.

4. They’re More Effective In Preventing Rust!

All the other reasons aside, at the end of the day, the most important thing is whether or not they keep your metals from rusting. And as it turns out, VCI packaging is more effective at that too! Whereas oils may or may not do the trick, depending on how much you spend on the highest quality brand and how many coats you run to ensure you haven’t missed a spot, with VCI paper, all you have to do is wrap it up and your job is done.

There’s really no reason not to choose VCI paper. Less expensive, less labor intensive, less messy, and more effective! What else could you ask for? Would you like to learn more about Edco Supplies Corporation’s VCI paper and their other state of the art packaging products? Give them a call today at 718-788-8108. Edco has New York City, Dayton, Ohio, and Canada locations.

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