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Every product that is shipped or kept in storage can benefit from protective packaging, and this is no different with semiconductors.  A semiconductor is a material product that is usually composed of silicon, which conducts more electricity than an insulator.  Semiconductors are quite versatile and can be found in thousands of products such as computers, smartphones, appliances, and medical equipment.  There are 2 important factors in keeping semiconductors safe: the manufacturing and their protective packaging.


To start, let’s take a look at the manufacturing.  The process is often split into two sub-categories, which are front-end-of-the-line (where the transistors are created) and back-of-the-line (where the interconnects are formed within a device).  Each sub-category needs to be done accurately so that the semiconductor doesn’t face any issues.


Once the semiconductor is manufactured, the next step is to keep it safe during transit and long-term storage.  To do this, you can use anti-static bags, which are used to shield devices from ESD and electrostatic fields; they work by creating a Faraday cage effect around the product.  In addition to semiconductors, anti-static bags can be used for packaging missiles, explosives powder, electro-sensitive devices, micro circuits, thin film resistors and associated airborne components.


At Edco Supply Corporation, we are one of the largest manufacturers and converters of anti-static bags.  In addition, our static shield bags are static safe and testable to industry standards.  Not only do we have a large inventory of ready-made bags in standard sizes that are ready for immediate delivery, but we can also manufacture custom size bags.


To learn more about how you can protect your semiconductors or how to use anti-static bags, contact us today.

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