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Safeguarding your products and supplies by investing in high-quality protective packaging is a great idea for any business dealing with physical goods. It can be extremely frustrating and damaging to a company’s reputation if they deliver products to a customer that are damaged or not in perfect condition due to a lack of protective packaging. There are many different options for protecting your products, but not everyone understands which type is best for their company. EDCO Supply Corporation has been providing mil-spec packaging for over 60 years. We receive questions all the time about our protective packaging solutions and how they can help business keep their inventory in good shape. Below, we will discuss some frequently asked questions about protective packaging.

What is a desiccant?

A desiccant is a substance that helps to maintain a level of dryness when contained in a package. Desiccant packs are one of the most common ways businesses use desiccants to keep their products dry. You have probably received desiccant packs before after buying a pair of shoes. The tiny packages of silicon help to keep things dry during shipment and storage. They are reusable and have a lot of alternative uses, such as using them to dry a wet cell phone or keep your documents safe from moisture damage over time.

What does military spec mean?

EDCO Supply Corporation offers military spec, or military specification, protective packaging. That means that the materials meet special requirements that are detailed by the federal government or military. They have strict requirements and quality standards to ensure that the packaging they use is of the highest quality.

What does VCI stand for and what do VCI bags do?

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, which is a type of corrosion inhibiting compound. VCI bags and VCI paper are great for protecting metals and metal products from corrosive damage like rust. The last thing you want is to have metals be ruined thanks to moisture and rust damages. That can be an expensive mistake to make. Instead, purchase VCI bags or VCI paper and rest assured that your metals will be safe from corrosion.

Can EDCO Supply ship to anywhere worldwide?

Another common question we receive about our protective packaging is if we can ship worldwide. The answer is yes, we currently offer shipments to the US, Canada, and anywhere else you might need to receive protective packaging in the world.

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