Factors that Affect Electrostatic Discharge

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Electrostatic discharge, otherwise known as ESD, is a sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects.  This can either occur when two differently-charged objects are brought close together or when the dielectric between the objects breaks down.  When this happens, it can destroy the electric device that was affected; it can do so in a number of ways.  For instance, the static voltages can enter devices and cause damage to the internal circuitry.


The effects of electrostatic discharge are dependent on different variables.  To start, the amount of electrostatic discharge that can accumulate on an item depends on its capacity to store a charge.  For example, positive charges accumulate on human skin or animal fur.  Negative charges, on the other hand, occur on synthetic materials.  All things considered, the amount of ESD transmitted is highly dependent on the material of an item.


Another factor that affects the levels of electrostatic discharge is humidity.  This is because dry materials generate greater amounts of ESD.  This is why humidity decreases ESD levels, as the moisture provides conductivity that helps dissipate charge.


Although there are different factors that determine how ESD will affect an item, this discharge is still everywhere.  This is why it’s important to use anti-static bags.  These bags are used to ship and store electronics that are prone to damage caused by ESD.  Anti-static bags work by creating a Faraday cage effect around the protected items; this means that the charge remains on the exterior of the cage.


Anti-static bags aren’t only used for electronics, but also for explosives powder, micro circuits, thin film resistors, and more.  For more information about this product, contact us at Edco Supply Corporation.

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