3 Types of Tape Offered From EDCO

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It’s called military tape because it has met certain qualifications and tests that mean it is considered mil-spec packaging. There are a variety of different types of tape you can use for different purposes. We’ve prepared the following article to detail 3 types of tape offered from EDCO Supply Corporation so that you know what your options are and which type might work best for you.

  1. Masking Tape

Masking tape is a type of tape that can be used for a variety of different things. It can be used for when you are painting a space, labeling things, and sealing packages that you plan to go in and out of frequently. It’s easy to tear and is pressure sensitive, which means you can easily rip it to make adjustments if needed. You can’t go wrong with purchasing some premium quality masking tape from EDCO Supply Corporation.

  1. Filament Tape

Did you know that EDCO Supply Corporation is one of the largest distributors of military tape in the USA? Our New York warehouse holds over 10,000 rolls of military tape at any given time. Filament tape is one of our most popular options. It’s a type of military tape that is used when people need high-strength tapes that will provide lots of hold over a long period of time. They have fibers or filaments that reinforce the tape to prevent cuts and tears across the tape. This is one of the sturdier types of military tapes offered from EDCO Supply Corporation. If you need extra strength, look no further than filament tape.

  1. Military Tape

Military tape is a pressure sensitive tape that is created based on military specifications. If it’s good enough for the military, you know it’s going to be a quality product. Mil-spec packaging is something that EDCO Supply Corporation specializes in. The military has extremely high standards and regulations, so if you find a product that is military spec, you know it has passed several quality tests. If you have any questions about military tape or mil-spec packaging, reach out to EDCO Supply Corporation today.

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