3 Types of Materials That You Can Protect with VCI Paper

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If you are a business that deals with physical goods and materials, getting your protective packaging solutions right is essential to become successful. This is even more important if your company deals with products that are prone to rust damage. Rust can occur for a variety of different reasons, but the bottom line is that if you aren’t taking the right steps to protect your goods, you can end up making some costly mistakes. There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up your protective packaging to realize that the contents have been damaged beyond repair. That’s why purchasing protective packaging like VCI paper from a great supplier like EDCO Supply Corporation makes so much sense. Below, we are going to walk you through 3 types of materials that you can protect with VCI paper.

  1. Steel

If you are trying to find the right protective packaging that offers long-term protection for metals like steel, VCI paper is the solution. VCI paper can protect your steel from corrosion during transportation and also keep it safe while it is in storage during the manufacturing process. It can even extend the life of your steel as you store it over the long term. VCI paper is great because it protects your steel from grease and oil that can lead to extreme corrosion over time. If you want to keep your steel products and materials safe, VCI paper is a very smart option.

  1. Chrome

Chrome materials can be very delicate, especially if you expose them to corrosion risks. VCI paper will help you keep your chrome safe and ready to use whenever you need it. VCI paper can be purchased in flat sheets, rolls, and even in inserts for boxes. Whatever the size or shape of your chrome is, you know you will be able to find the VCI paper you need to keep it protected.

  1. Cast Iron

Dealing with cast iron means you need to protect your products from rust and corrosion until you are ready to move them to your customers or use them in manufacturing. Purchasing VCI paper is a great way to keep your cast iron safe. It can help you save money for your business and avoid environmental and health safety hazards. Being able to rely on VCI paper for protection is worth its weight in gold.

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