The Use of Tape in the Military

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Soldiers in the military work in high stress environments, whether they are on a base camp or completing a mission in the field.  Because of their extreme environment, they strive to keep everything uniform so that everything functions as it should.  If something goes wrong, it could delay the whole mission that they are working on.  That’s why it’s important that they have heady-duty products while they are out in the field.  Even something that seems so little, such as military tape, can impact the functionality of their work.


Each military tape has different characteristics.  For example, filament tape has continuous fiber which makes it stronger and resistant to tears.  It is also pressure-sensitive and versatile, making it a great military tape for bundling normal and oddly-shaped items together.  This is more important than you may realize.  If you consider all of the items that soldiers need, whether it’s uniforms, food, first aid, or even machines, they need these items to be packaged properly.  If they aren’t, the items inside could be ruined.  As stated before, filament tape is tear-resistant, meaning it won’t break while carrying important products.


Another military tape that is utilized is copper foil tape.  This tape is used for electro-static shielding, cable wrapping, and chemical resistance, meaning it can prevent corrosion.  Since it has electro-static shielding, it can block the effects of an electric field by distributing the charge around the exterior of the product.  One of the ways they are utilized is to protect important cables from being damaged.


Military tape is used every day by soldiers, whether for work purposes and for personal reasons.  For example, military tape can be wrapped around a soldiers feet when they feel blisters forming.  For soldiers that are spending the entire day on their feet, this can make a huge difference in their productivity.  They can also use it for knife safety by wrapping the knife in strong military tape so that it’s safe for travel.


As you can see, military tape is an important product in the military.  At Edco Supply Corporation, we are one of the largest distributors of military tape in the United States.  If you need an order of military tape, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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