The Purpose of Humidity Indicator Cards

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When we think of protective packaging, we probably think of the products that protect our items from water, corrosion, static, and any other threat.  Although this is true, we also sell another product that won’t necessarily protect your items, but should also be included in your packaging.  We’re referring to humidity indicator cards.  These cards have moisture sensitive spots on the cards that have a visible color change from blue to pink.  The purpose of this is to identify the humidity level of the items in the package.


So, some people wonder why it’s so important to add this to their packages.  Although this won’t prevent the moisture from getting inside the package, it’ll make us aware of any high levels of moisture.  The reason being is that you can instantly check the products for damage; if there is damage, it’s better to deal with it immediately, as opposed to a couple of months later when you realize.


In addition, if there are high levels of humidity, it’s also a warning that you aren’t using enough protective packaging.  This means that you can reevaluate what products you’re using.  By doing this, you can save yourself money in the future by taking more preventative measures than you were taking before.


At Edco, we have two products that protect against moisture: desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags.  Desiccant bags are a great option because the desiccants absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals from the environment.  Moisture barrier bags do the same thing, except the item you want to protect is actually placed inside of the bag.  In addition to protecting against moisture, both products also prevent rust and mold from forming.


The advantage of using humidity indicator bags is that they let us know whether or not we need to check our products for damage, and it allows us to better protect our items in the future. If you have any questions over these products, give us a call at Edco.

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