The Importance of Humidity Indicator Cards

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The military uses a lot of different mil-spec packaging to protect their products. One of the main threats to their products is humidity. This is because humidity can damage almost every type of product. Electronics, for example, may malfunction if they’re exposed to a humid environment. Machinery, on the other hand, may rust, therefore causing damage to the machine. Even food could be ruined, as it may grow mold or have a change in texture. That being said, different mil-spec packaging is used to protect against moisture during shipment.

Two of the main products are desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags. Both of these options are effective ways of protecting military products. There’s also another recourse that we manufacture to guarantee that your products arrive in great condition: humidity indicator cards. The purpose of these cards are to make sure that the desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags did their job well. Humidity indicator cards have moisture sensitive spots that have a visible color change, therefore showing if the products were exposed to humidity. If the cards turn blue, it means that the product is in dry condition; pink, on the other hand, means that they were exposed to a humid environment.

So, what do you do if your card turns pink? Although these cards won’t protect against humidity, they’ll notify you of any possible issues. This is because if it turns pink, it’s an indicator that you should check the condition of your product. The way that you check it depends on what type of product it is. Generally, though, you should check for rust, mold, mildew, change in texture, or any other malfunctions. If the product isn’t in the condition that you expected, you can contact the supplier.

At Edco Supply Corporation, we want our soldiers to receive their shipments in perfect condition. For that reason, we have a large line of mil-spec packaging.

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