Electronics That Need Anti-Static Bags

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Are anti-static bags necessary? For many products, the answer is a resounding “yes.” That fact is especially true regarding sensitive technology components. These packing solutions help protect costly and susceptible goods from damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Learn more about the products that benefit from anti-static packaging below.

Computer Hard Drives

Manufacturers of computer hard drives help other companies access and retain one of their most valuable business assets — their data. Your products are vulnerable to environmental stressors like dust and dirt, so you likely take design precautions to help reduce the potential for those to infiltrate the drives.

These delicate devices are also at risk of significant damage from ESD. Reduce the risk of sending defective products to your customers by storing and shipping the components in a hard drive anti-static bag. Doing so promotes higher customer satisfaction and your company’s continued success.

Circuit Boards and Motherboards

Modern circuit boards and motherboards often contain thousands of electronic connections to support computer functionality. Their intricate designs are highly sensitive to the effects of an ESD event. Immediate impacts may not be readily observable but can surface later as a latent defect and reduce product life spans. Static-shielding packaging helps safeguard against these outcomes.

Graphics Processing Units

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are crucial to computer video and graphics rendering, and their applications continue evolving. The sophisticated technology that goes into creating them means product damage can be quite costly for manufacturers. Protecting them from ESD risk with anti-static bags helps ensure they remain undamaged during storage and shipping.

RAM Cards

Users count on their random access memory (RAM) cards to support faster data processing and access in their computers. Your customers rely on your business to supply ones capable of meeting these demands. Deliver your components at the peak of quality by safeguarding these ESD-sensitive components in static-shielding solutions to prevent damage.

Central Processing Units

The central processing units (CPUs) you make are command centers for the computers that ultimately house them. As such, they contain significant amounts of tiny, sophisticated electronics that even low-voltage ESD can render inoperable. By acting as a Faraday cage, anti-static bags help you protect against these risks.

Buy Anti-Static Bags for Electronic Parts From Edco

Since 1954, Edco Supply Corporation has provided anti-static and static-shielding bags to businesses throughout Canada and the USA. Our solutions help these companies reduce the risks of damage to their expensive and sensitive electronic components. Browse our in-stock inventory online to find the ideal bag for your application, or request a free quote.

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