When a person thinks of protecting their sensitive packages, they probably consider all of their mil-spec packaging options.  If they need to protect against humidity, they need desiccant packs; if they’re shipping electronics, they’ll probably use anti-static bags.  There are even humidity indicator cards that will notify you if your package was exposed to high levels of humidity.  With all of these effective mil-spec packaging options, there’s one last touch that you may be forgetting: labels.

You’ve probably seen labels on many different packages throughout your life, but are they really necessary?  The answer is yes.  You may have all the important protective packaging on the inside of the package, but you need to notify the handlers of what’s inside as well.  If you don’t, your package may not be handled as carefully as it should.

At Edco Supply Corporation, we have labels that provide the symbol and warning message to complete your protective packaging.  Here are some of the labels that we provide:

  • Fragile
  • Fragile Glass
  • Fragile: Handle With Care
  • Caution: Electrostatic Sensitive Devices
  • Caution: Sensitive Electronic Devices
  • Packaged With Desiccant: Do Not Open


These warnings are super important. “Caution: Sensitive electronic Devices”, for example, can prevent a lot of damage from occurring.  When the carrier sees that sign, they will be extra cautious with that package.  If it’s raining, for instance, they will know that they can’t leave that important package out on someone’s doorstep.  The “Fragile: Glass” label, on the other hand, can save your glasses from breaking during transit.  Each label has a specific purpose.

Whether you’re sending a package to your friend, a client, or to our troops in the military, it’s important that they arrive in perfect condition.  That can be done with our mil-spec packaging, as well as our labels.  Contact us to learn more about our products!