Desiccant edco supply

   Edco maintains an extensive inventory of the following VCI products

Product FamilyProduct NumberDescription
Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper®VW60D60 lb./98 gsm natural kraft. Same as VW35, but provides higher strength and tear resistance
Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper®PC55D/PC75D40 lb./65 gsm or 60lb./98 gsm (PC75D) natural kraft coated with polyethylene. Provides moisture barrier. PC75D provides additional strength. Nitrite Free
Protek Wrap®PW3235lb./57 gsm natural kraft. General protection of ferrous metals.
Protek Wrap®PW3335 lb./57gsm natural kraft with specially formulated wax. Enhanced molding and barrier properties. Ideal for hand wrapping small parts.
Military Spec VW35HLight duty Class 3, Style A, Form B. 35 lb./57 gsm natural kraft. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420
Military Spec VW60HMedium duty Class 2, Style A, form B. 60lb./98 gsm natural kraft. Nitrite-free. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420. NSN 8135-00-664-4012
Military Spec705 ZerustHeavy Duty Kraft/Foil Class 1, Style C, form A. Kraft Foil with Polyethylene and can be made into bags. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-3420.
Uniwrap® MPIUniwrap 35 MPI35 lb./57 gsm natural kraft. Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metal combinations including cadmium and zinc galvanized steel.
Coppertex®35 lb./57 gsm natural kraft. Protects copper, brass, bronze and other copper alloys. Nitrite-free.
Silver Saver®40 lb./65 gsm bleached white kraft. Protects silver from tarnish. Nitrite-free
Silver-Guard™40 lb./65 gsm bleached white kraft, poly coated, infused with silver protective chemicals and prevents tarnish. Available in sheeting or bags
VCI polyethylene filmHeat sealable, low density polyethylene 4 mil film with proprietary blend of contact and volatile corrosion inhibitors blended in the film. Multi-metal protection.
Military SpecFerro-Film XPMilitary approved, high strength, poly film with exceptional puncture strength for protecting ferrous metals. On the QPL for MIL-PRF-22019 VCI film and MIL-PRF-22020 VCI bags.