Why Using VCI Bags Will Save you Money

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Imagine you are a manufacturing company that is shipping hundreds of metal parts across the
world every day. You receive an inquiry from one of your customers after they obtain one of
your shipments. The client lets you know that the metal products are extremely corroded and
rusty due to the lack of protective packaging used for the shipment. You officially have a crisis
on your hands.

It’s now up to you to decide either to resend the materials and eat the entire cost of the
corroded materials or spend valuable time trying to fix the rusted metal parts in order to make
things right for your customer. Additionally, you will have to work even harder to repair the
damage done to your reputation for any future business involving this client.

These problems could have been avoided entirely if VCI bags were used to ship the metal parts.

EDCO Supply’s VCI bags will save you thousands of dollars in potential damages if you utilize them for your shipping and storage needs. The durability and versatility of our VCI product line
allow you lots of flexibility and peace of mind when shipping or storing expensive materials or
products. An investment in adequate protective packaging is simply mandatory for those
looking to protect their metal products and supplies.

VCI bags, also known as Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bags, are pretty much the perfect product for
companies dealing with lots of metal products. This is because they are specifically designed to
keep any and all moisture away from the products they are protecting.

If used correctly, VCI bags are extremely effective in preventing rust. Large warehouses that are
used to store metal products for extended periods of time stand to benefit greatly from EDCO’s
protective packaging. VCI bags will defend your products from rust and moisture damage until
you are ready to bring them out of storage. It’s easy to neglect products that are sitting in
storage, but this can be a very costly mistake.

Sure, you might save some money up front by using the cheapest shipping products possible to
deliver your goods to your clients. However, you stand to lose credibility, as well as the product
itself, if the client receives damaged goods. By using VCI bags, you are buying peace of mind
knowing that your products will arrive rust-free. You are also saving valuable time that would
have been spent dealing with fixing the damaged goods for your customer. Lastly, VCI bags will
ensure that your metal products are safely stored for extended periods of time.

To make your order or learn more about our VCI bags and other products, call now Edco Supply at 718-788-8108.

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